Participation Point System (PPS)


Parents-as-Partners, SE Region

Participation Point System (PPS)

***Effective January 1, 2017***

We continue to stand behind the idea that our parents organization cannot survive if the parents of the local Scholars are not actively involved in creating better options for their children.  In order to have greater equity, there must be a correlation between the participation level of the families and the associated benefits that the child receives from the A Better Chance program.  The PPS is one of the means by which we will pursue this equity.  Just by participating in the regular activities of the organization, parents will earn points that will allow their child to take advantage of a much wider range of opportunity through A Better Chance than an uninvolved, disinterested family.  

Each activity that is disseminated for Scholars or families will be assigned a point value.   Only Scholars within the point range will receive invitations to participate in these special programs.  It is our sincere hope that every parent in the region will strive for platinum participation so that their child can gain the maximum benefit from being an A Better Chance Scholar during their time in school.

This point system will continue to separate the requirements for families that have Scholars who are away at boarding school from those who have their students at home attending day schools.  The new system is designed to encourage Scholars to join their parents in participating so that we can all work together to create stronger regional programming.  The first point ratings will be assigned to families in January 2017, and families will retroactively receive points for their participation in events since July 1, 2016.  Points will be accumulated from July 1st until the End of Year Celebration annually.   The top point recipients will be acknowledged at our End of the Year Celebration in June.  Here are the point levels:

11 points or more – boarding students Platinum Level

16 points or more – day students Access and preferred consideration to All A Better Chance

Events/Activities such as:

Scholar/Family social activities

Safety Net Funds eligibility

Student Internships (special offers)

Recommendation Letters

College Tours

Sponsored Travelling Opportunities

Summer Opportunities Notification

8–10 points – boarding students Gold Level

12-15 points – day students Access and additional consideration to Most

Events/Activities, including:

Scholar/Family social activities

Safety Net Funds

College Tours

Sponsored Travelling Opportunities  

                 Third – Party & Summer Opportunities Notification


5–7 points – boarding students Silver Level

7-11 points – day students Limited Access to Events/Activities, such as:

Scholar/Family social activities

Sponsored Travelling Opportunities

Third – Party & Summer Opportunities Notification

3–4 points – boarding students Bronze Level

4-6 points – day students General Participation Events and Notifications, such as:

Scholar/Family social activities

Sponsored Travelling Opportunities

Third – Party & Summer Opportunities Notification

0-2 Points – boarding students Inactive Parent

0-3 Points – day students

Here are some of the easy ways that parents can earn points quickly:

Three Points Each

Parents-as-Partners Committee Leader

Parents who take the reins and brings leadership to a standing committee for the school year will receive three points.

* Attend and assist with the entire Interview Day, School Fair

Parents and Scholars who join us for the entire day will receive three points each for their outstanding level of participation in the season’s biggest event.

Two Points Each

* Lead an A Better Chance Event

Take the initiative to facilitate an A Better Chance event that serves the A Better Chance community.  These request may come from the Southeast Regional Team of the PAP Leadership.

* Design and hold a class for the Scholars

Any parent who takes the initiative to design and implement a class, such as a writing class or SAT preparation class for the Scholars, will receive two points. Contact your P.A.P Chair to make the arrangements.

* Design and implement a Scholar community service project (especially around the holidays)

We want to make sure that our Scholars remain servants of the community.  If a parent shows the initiative to design a Toys-for-Tots drive at Christmas or a soup kitchen project for Thanksgiving or some such project, they will receive two points. Reach out to the community Service Committee to facilitate your project.

* Serving as the Parent representative for your child’s school

These people will join together to be responsible for making sure that parents in each school are informed about the activities of A Better Chance/ Parents-as-Partners.  Each parent that serves in this position will receive two points.

*Project Leader for  one-day event for the Scholars

If a parent is able to join us as a chaperone for a one-day trip or activity, and take extra steps in documenting the attending  


Annual Payment of the $40 PAP dues will afford you two points and discounts for future events with cost associated to them.

One Point Each

* Attend a Parents-as-Partners meeting

For each regular Parents-as-Partners meeting attended, parents will earn one point.

* Attend and assist with one session for Interview Day, School Fair

Parents and Scholars who come out, but aren’t able to stay for the entire day will still be acknowledged with one point.

* Serve on an A Better Chance Parents-as-Partners committee

Everyone can’t lead a committee, but just by serving on one of our committees, parents can earn one point.

* Refer a student to apply to A Better Chance that gets into one of our member schools

Please let us know when you have referred a student to the program.  For each child that is referred by one of our families and is successfully placed in the program, the referring family will receive one point.

*Update your family contact information (either online or using the contact update form)

Additional point assignments may be shared as we continue to grow as a region!